Marlboro Tire and Automotive
4.94/5.00, based on 153 ratings; 109 user reviews

  Alonzo, 11/08/2018

Excellent job!

  Natalie, 10/11/2018

Great service!!!!

  Marilyn, 09/20/2018

Marlboro Tire has always provided honest and efficient service. It is much appreciated. They have won a loyal customer with me. Thank you!

  Reggie B., 08/30/2018

Marlboro Tire is always professional, prompt and efficient. I?m completely satisfied with the service and my wallet is always happy ?

  Russ, 08/30/2018

Always 5 star service and work at Marlboro Tire. The estimate was accurate. The work was done properly and on time. Thanks again Marlboro Tire for another fine job.

  Welton, 08/19/2018

I used this company over four years and always had a great experience. This is a small jewel in the auto service industry in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Thanks.

  Penny, 08/16/2018

Marlboro Tire is the best for tire service and customer service. Their work is comparable to none. They don't just plug a tire, they take great care in tire service and safety. I was also impressed with the customer service I observed as I waited. Someone came in for wheel and tire repair on something that was custom, and although MT doesn't handle custom items the lady at the counter referred the customer to another shop that could assist - now that's what you call TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will take my car to MT for all tire service now and in the future.

  James, 08/01/2018


  Gregory, 07/21/2018

I rate Marlboro Tire and Automotive 5 out of 5 stars because every time I have to have service performed on anyone of my vehicles they service it as if it was their on. Marlboro Tire and Automotive are very detailed with explaining what has to be serviced, and the service they had performed. I always leave with confidence.

  Marlon, 07/12/2018

I really like Marlboro Tire. The staff is friendly and the mechanics do a great job. I haven't had any issues with my repairs/service.

  Russ, 06/21/2018

When in to have my power steering pump checked. It was making a racket. After the diagnosis it was determined that my 14 year old truck was leaking from the steering rack and the hoses to and from the pump were cracked and leaking. Therefore I was losing fluid, hence the noise. Cost a lot more than a pump to repair but the vehicle was repaired properly. It's what I like about this shop. They fix things correctly and stand behind their work. Thank you.

  Brian, 06/12/2018

The service was friendly and QUICK!

  Jeannie, 06/09/2018

Marlboro tire always provides excellent service. They are a great family owned business.

  Esther, 06/07/2018

It was easy to set-up an appointment; they diagnosed the problem within hours; called me with details and estimate of cost and time it would take; picked up car at the end of the day; it couldn't have been easier.

  Lee, 03/15/2018

I simply needed a windshield wiper that blew off car and they managed to fit me in

  Vicky & Hosia, 03/01/2018

Marlboro Tire has been our shop of choice for over 15 years. The care and service far exceed our expectations every time - we just wont trust our cars to anyone else.

  Lavern, 02/22/2018

Extremely satisfactory

  Joan, 01/11/2018

Honest, professional, and caring! Joan

  Russ, 01/11/2018

Another fine job by the folks at Marlboro Tire. I love their Freedom Plan. When they rotate and balance my tires they find the little problems and fix them before they become big problems. Thank you.

  Salvatore, 12/28/2017

Family owned business that treat you like family. They are professional and thorough on your vehicle needs and polite and personable on their customer service.